The World’s fair is coming to Los Angeles


Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, METRO, Psomas, Gensler Support

Los Angeles World’s Fair™

Crowdfunding Campaign to Kick-off Today

LOS ANGELES – April 13, 2015 – Epic in scale and transformative by design, a group of passionate Angelenos and city leaders announced today their commitment to bring the historic World’s Fair to Los Angeles in 2022. Celebrating Los Angeles as the city of the future and leveraging the new and existing rail systems, the Los Angeles World’s Fair™ (LAWF™) will be the first ever “distributed world’s fair.” Founded upon an unprecedented idea of building world-class sustainable pavilions, innovative installations and multi- faceted events dispersed along the rail lines throughout the city, the theme for the LAWF™ 2022 is “The Connected City™.”

A coalition of local citizens, government offices/departments, companies and entrepreneurs are coming together to create LAWF™ – from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and architectural firm Gensler to METRO and engineer company/first corporate sponsor Psomas – all are behind this incredible undertaking to transform the City of Angels.

“On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, and our 10 million residents in 88 cities and 134 unincorporated areas, Los Angeles County looks forward to the opportunity to host the World’s Fair,” said Supervisor Michael Antonovich who currently serves as the Mayor of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. “As host, we welcome the world to explore and enjoy the many diverse cultural, recreational and educational venues of the nation’s largest county. The centerpiece of our World’s Fair experience is our regional transportation network connecting cities, communities and cultures throughout our County to enhance trade, mobility and air quality.”

“We’re excited to be the first corporate sponsor of the LA World’s Fair™; it will be a stellar event for a city that we have been proud to call our headquarters for close to 70 years,” said Ryan McLean, CEO of Psomas.

Today, LAWF™ will launch a grassroots crowdfunding campaign, spanning over the next 88 days, representative of the 88 cities that make up Los Angeles County. This campaign is designed to create a groundswell of public support for the LA World’s Fair™ and to raise the necessary funds to launch Pavilion Zero, the initial operational epicenter. To become part of the campaign that will make this city great, pledge at: Individual memberships are also available, including a Titanium Membership for a $500 pledge, which is limited to the first 2022 members.

About Los Angeles World’s Fair™:

The LAWF™ is a California Flexible Purpose Corporation founded in 2013, based in Los Angeles, California. Its mission is to identify, organize, and raise funds needed for the creation and execution of The Los Angeles World’s Fair 2022. For more information visit:

About Psomas:

Dedicated to balancing the natural and built environment, Psomas provides sustainably engineered solutions to public and private clients in the transportation, water, site development and energy markets. Psomas’ award-winning projects are produced through innovation, creativity and technical expertise. A full-service engineering, survey, environmental and construction management firm, Psomas was founded nearly 70 years ago in Los Angeles and now has offices throughout the Western United States. Visit for more information.

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