About Us

The First Ever Cityscape Fairground

LAWF® is presenting the first ever Cityscape Fairground! Distinctive pavilions and urban settings will be spread throughout Los Angeles County, located near and accessed by various metro stops along the transit system. The plans are specifically designed to encourage a grand scale transition from a car-dependent culture to wide-spread adoption of mass-transit. The theme of the fair is “LA: The Connected City™” and seeks to do it on every level – from the physical to the cultural. The unprecedented layout encourages city-wide connection like never before!


World Leaders, RockStars and Gurus… Oh My

Everyone who is anyone will be involved! Angelenos and international visitors will equally contribute to the this incredible expression of human potential. We are bringing together pop icons and spiritual leaders, artists and tech innovators, scholars and CEOs. Bestselling authors and world famous architects will create spaces and events for the public. Yogis and celebrity chefs will share their gifts with the crowds. It will be the who’s who of every imaginable interest… and everyone is on the guest list.

Glitter-drenched Fun For All

We are throwing the longest lasting, glitter-drenched, once-in-a-lifetime party the world has ever witnessed! Art, fashion, film, music, food, dance and theater will entertain! Craft libations, gourmet delicacies and good ole street food will nourish. Technology and mass transit-related highlights will inspire! We will have gorgeous and festive cultural events representing the interests and talents of every corner of the earth. There will truly be something for everyone.

World’s Fairs Are Big

World’s Fairs change the world for the better! Dr. Ferris’s spectacular wheel and Mr. Bell’s voice-transmitting machine were both unveiled at World’s Fairs. The incredible IMAX and the touchscreen were unveiled in 1980 and 1984 at World’s Fairs. World’s Fairs leave shimmering memories on the minds of countless millions and leave in their wake legendary art, vast urban improvement and a stunning inventory of technical innovation. They invigorate communities and stimulate local economies. Few American’s are sufficiently aware of the magic, wonder, and power these events hold. LAWF® is about to change that.

Ours Will Be Bigger

With over 100 countries, 1,000 companies and 100 million visitors participating from around the world – LAWF® is going to be the biggest, World’s Fair EVER! At its core will be LA’s new multi-billion dollar transit system which inspired the theme: The Connected City™. From iconic entertainment lineups to unique international collaborations – LAWF® will bring people, places and possibilities together. Every corner of the city will be touched by the dazzling spectrum of attractions… and the whole world is invited to take part.

Setting a Wildfire of Positivity

This is grassroots at it’s best! We want the incredible swell of enthusiasm around LAWF® to take the entire globe by storm. We want the excitement to spread from person to person, neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, state to state, country to country, until the whole world is abuzz with the news of this unique cultural phenomenon. This is a two-year long, county-wide celebration of people, partnerships, and positivity! Every conversation stretches LAWF®’s reach. Media coverage increases visibility and excites the public. Spread the news and keep the fire ablaze.

We’ve Got Game Changers

The founders of LAWF® are superhero agents of change with seriously impressive track records. They are action-oriented visionaries who know LAWF® will position LA as a future-focused city all Angelenos can take pride in. LAWF® was founded as Flexible Purpose Corporation in August of 2013 by a team that met leading railLA, a non-profit that promoted high speed rail in California. They shared a passion for new and improved LA that inspired the founding of LAWF® and has continued to spread like wildfire ever since.

Global Citizens in a Connected City™

How we address the challenges that face our city today determines the quality of life for generations to come. Today our beautifully diverse neighborhoods are separated by a web of jammed freeways. If LA can connect all of our countless distinct communities – physically and emotionally on a global stage – then perhaps the world will see first-hand how it can be done. LA is ripe for this metamorphosis. LAWF® will be the catalyst and will provide a stage on which The Connected City™ can be introduced to the world.

Participation Matters (Yes Yours)

This event is for the people by the people! Every effort is a vote for change, from corporate sponsorship to grassroots social-media-buzz-building. We have an existing network of investors, officials, celebrities, non-profit leaders, artists, and community organizers involved in the execution of this great production – but we need you! To be the most culturally inclusive, socially empowering, and economically beneficial event ever… we need full community participation. Any and all support is encouraged, appreciated and celebrated.