The LAWF® Ambassador Outreach Campaign

The goal of the LAWF® Ambassador Outreach campaign is to generate word-of-mouth excitement for LAWF® and to raise funds that will allow us to build “Pavilion Zero.” The Pavilion will act as the headquarters and the event center for LAWF®, providing a dedicated venue for meetings, conferences, presentations, and events throughout the development and implementation of the entire Los Angeles World’s Fair™. Pavilion Zero is LAWF®’s epicenter and we’re thrilled to experience it with you in the near future.

As an Ambassador you are responsible for outreach to your named organization(s) / group(s) /company(s). We empower you to share the vision of the LAWF® along with a specific call to action to contribute to the current Crowdfunding campaign. Each Ambassador organization / group / company that contributes will be highlighted on one of the 88 Days of crowdfunding with the goal to engage and mobilize their constituents to support LAWF®. The call to action is simple: spread the word through social media, ask their constituents to contribute to crowdfunding, and sign up for a corporate partnership, individual member or join a flex team.

Here is how to get started:

  • Use your Ambassador Campaign Assets and official LAWF® resources / messaging to reach out to your targets. (Note: Please do not alter or modify the LAWF® logo in anyway. See Dotty for additional questions or needs).
  • Identify and communicate with the key decision makers at your Organizations. We recommend those people fall into the following categories within each organization:
  • Your friendly contact.
  • A senior executive or decision maker who can mobilize their stakeholders.
  • A PR or Marketing person who will understand the value and opportunity that such a venture has to offer their brand.
  • Work with Dotty Kaminsky to be assigned a day and specific directions for announcing your organizations support.You will need to ask them for their brand logo.
  • Report feedback to LAWF® so that we may help you through the process.

How to support the Los Angeles World’s Fair™, a call to action:

Spread the word through Social Media – Tweet, Post, Like

This is a viral campaign. One of the main tools and platforms to grow awareness of LAWF® will be the importance of utilizing social media channels. LAWF® has a robust calendar of posts, photos, contests and news updates to keep your social networks and friends engaged. We invite you to repost and share our updates as follows:

Become a Corporate Partner

The support of the business community is paramount, not only during the actual event, but also in the long preparation phase leading up to the event in 2022. We are seeking leading businesses in innovation, transportation, technology, energy, mobility, security and banking to become partners with the LAWF® organization. For more information, please contact Dotty Kaminsky, Executive Director at

Join a Flex Team

A Flex Team is a flexible, nimble and fluid committee around which all LA World’s Fair™ planning operates.

We share our skills, backgrounds, and visions in collaborative teams that meet to address certain tasks but can be reorganized when a specific need arises. Our current Flex Teams include: Crowdfunding, Marketing / Communications, Non-profit / Education / Government, Design / Mapping / Planning / Construction, International Trade / Commerce / Culture, Arts & Culture and Finance. To join, email or contact us.

Become an Individual Member

Go above and beyond and become a part of something really BIG. Getting in on the ground floor with an LAWF® membership comes with many perks, so please read below to see how else you and or your constituents can join the team to make a difference.


Limited to the first 2022 applicants. This singular status in this exclusive group will give you unprecedented access to all the best and brightest LAWF® has to offer. To join, email or contact us.


Named after our goal to connect the 88 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County, the 88’s Membership comes with many opportunities for discounts and exclusive access to events. To join, email or contact us.